What is Pilates?
Pilates is a method of exercise, developed by Joseph H. Pilates that emphasizes the balance of strength, stretch, and control in the entire body. Joe understood that the body repairs and strengthens itself through movement. Pilates is a workout that will keep your body functioning as it ages and enable you to do whatever you enjoy doing for longer.

Why is there so much emphasis on the stomach?
The strongest muscles in the body are found in our girdle, or the region in the middle of our bodies, and optimally our strength and movement should originate from there. A well-balanced Pilates workout uses all the muscles in the girdle including the abdominals, back, and sides of the body. When strength, balance, and flexibility is returned to the girdle, a feeling of freedom and well-being results.

Who is it good for?
Pilates is good for anyone who is interested in improving his or her fitness, posture, coordination, balance, freedom of movement, and overall well being. The Pilates method can be adapted to suit any fitness level, however, we do require clients with health issues, injuries or chronic pain to consult their physician before beginning any new exercise program.

I’ve never taken Pilates before. What can I expect for my first lessons at HRN Pilates?
You’ll get instruction that’s geared specifically to your needs.  Beyond that, you’ll learn to move in a new way.  You might discover things you hadn’t noticed about the way your body moves. With care and patience, I’ll teach you the essential principles of Pilates, and help you discover how Pilates will help you reach your fitness goals.

What’s different about HRN Pilates?
Pilates is big in California. Many clubs and facilities offer Pilates-inspired or Pilates-based programs and many Pilates studios offer what is called contemporary Pilates. Authentic Pilates is different. It’s not a blend of Pilates, it’s not a hybrid of Pilates, it’s not hot Pilates, and it’s not HIIT Pilates. Sometimes called classical Pilates, it is the unique and powerful method created by Joseph Pilates. At HRN Pilates, we offer the Authentic Pilates method that was established by Joseph Pilates on his originally designed equipment. We believe it has stood the test of time and delivers long-lasting results.

Can Pilates cure me of my pain?
Pilates is not physical therapy, but it is corrective exercise, and as such has many benefits including injury prevention and improved athletic skill. Orthopedic problems need the attention of a medical specialist and anyone under a physician’s care should not engage in Pilates without consent from his/her physician.

How often do I need to take Pilates to maintain good health?
Three times per week is optimal, especially at the beginning. As one gets stronger and develops proper use of the body, as little as once per week is good for maintenance. Combining sessions at the studio with mat work at home is ideal.

What are the age limits for doing Pilates?
Children can do the mat work however the body should be more developed, and the bones hardened, before attempting work on the apparatus. I’ve worked with clients in their 80’s and I’ve seen clients who are 90+ studying the work. Advanced age is not a barrier to the benefits of Pilates.

I take mat classes. How is a workout with equipment different?
The equipment was developed to help people gain strength and flexibility for the mat work. Doing the mat properly is extremely difficult and takes a strong, well-developed body. The various apparatus that Joe invented helps to target specific areas that need strengthening or more freedom. Each piece of equipment supports the other and teaches the body the principles of Pilates in different ways.

What should I do to prep for my first Pilates session?
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out a registration form. For your own comfort, do not eat heavily 2 hours before your workout.

What do I wear to Pilates?
Leggings or shorts, athletic top or t-shirt, socks (grip socks are helpful when beginning as a way to feel more secure on the apparatus).

What are HRN Pilates studio policies?
Sessions are by appointment only.
You will be charged for your session unless you call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
We ask that you do not wear zippered clothing (as it can rip or damage the apparatus), jewelry (as it can catch and injure you), or scented lotions and perfume.

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